Roof Inspections

You can prevent roofing issues in the future by inspecting right now.

Don't wait until a big issue occurs, call us ahead of time! We will inspect and repair your roof while staying within your budget.

3-5 Year Roof Certification

Whether you are involved with the real estate industry, looking to sell or looking for an experienced roofing inspection, call Gregg Roofing, LLC. Today! If your roof does need repairs, then we will waive the certification fee to ensure that we stay within your budget while providing a quality roofing service. We will provide a written 3-5 year roof certification. Starting at just $200.00!

Cleaning and Maintenence Plans

Installing a new roof does not mean everything is good to go, Maintenence is key to the life of your roof.

Each plan is tailored to your specific roof, no two plans are the same.

Maintenence plans include but not limited to:
  • Cleaning roof of all debris. This includes pine needles, tree limbs, leaves, moss and algae buildup.
  • Inspecting the life of the roof, including looking for potential issues or storm damage.
  • Treating the shingle roof's to prevent moss buildup or sealing tile roofs to increase the life of the tile.

Call us today to see about setting up a maintenance plan for your roof. One of our trained estimators would be happy to help you and your roofing needs.